Chapter Four

The Stolen Magic Mist

Now to get back to their friends and for the journey home. Thoak still had the class jar in his hand looking at it he realised that in was the mist from the lake and if they got this back to the water fairies they could fly again. But more important right now was to help the injured elves.

They all looked at each other not quite believing that they had done it, the evil witch was no more, but no one spoke they all just hugged each other. Then Thoak said “we must get back to the others” so they quickly ran to where the others were waiting.

The young elves had done a good job in tending to the wounds on Cobweb and Grubs. They were both feeling a little better but they were still seriously injured and would need a long time to heal properly. Cobweb, Grubs, Herbs, Mushroom and the fairies were delighted to see their friends safe and sound after their encounter with the evil witch.

Thoak told them what had happened and how it nearly ended in disaster but Twips arrived just in time to save the day. Then he showed them the jar with the mist in and said “this is what the water fairies need to fly again. But I,m not sure what to do with it. I think we must get it back to the Lord High Elf, he will know”. They all agreed and that only the lord high elf could undo the magic that Mortrid had used to capture the morning mist.

They needed to make two stretchers to carry Cobweb and Grubs on, this would take some time so they made a camp and set about gathering the things they needed and then they began to make the stretchers. It was now late in the day and they settled down for the night quite exhausted from all that had happened that day.

Bramble was the first to wake and he started to sing a happy song to start the day. The others awoke to the lovely sound of his singing and the sight of the fairies dancing. There was still the job of finishing the stretchers and to make them comfortable for the long journey back.

Cobweb and Grubs had a good night but were still in a bad way from their wounds and the young elves could do no more to help them. Later that morning they were finally ready to set off. They carefully put their injured friends on the stretchers and began the long journey back. It was going to be slow going with the elves having to carry the stretchers and they would need to stop and rest quite often.

Difficult journey through the Forest

It was on the second day of travelling that it became clear it was going to take them weeks to get back and Cobwebs and Grubs needed the skill and magic healing of a priestess as soon as possible. The day came to end with only a short distance covered. They made camp for the night and all were in a sad mood thinking that their friends might die before they could get them back to the elves encampment.

What are we going to do its taking us too long to get home” said Nettle. Everyone thought the same and no one had an answer. They all looked at Thoak hoping he would have an idea. Just as Thoak was about to say he didn’t know when Moonbeam landed on his shoulder and whispered “ ask the unicorns to help”.

Without thinking Thoak said “we will ask the unicorns to help us”. The others were quite surprised by this and then Bramble ask “how can we do that? At first Thoak did not know what to say he just sat quietly for a while then said,

I’m friend to all the forest and to every living thing in it. We will ask the fairies to call to them when they hear the fairies calling and they will come to help us”

This seemed like an excellent idea and every one cheered up. Then Mushrooms asked “what about our ears? If the fairies call out loud we will go deaf. Thoak replied “we will stuff our ears with moss so that we cannot hear anything, then Moonbeam and Stardancer will fly a short distance away before calling the unicorns”. They had a plan and felt a lot happier so they settled down for the night, and in the morning they would call the unicorns.

In the morning they set about gathering moss being careful not to do any damage while doing it. They soon had enough to put in their ears. Thoak then said “I’m not sure what to expect when the unicorns get here, I know that they are normally very shy and keep their distance so we must stay calm and quiet and just see what happens. Okay we can put the moss in our ears now.” So the elves all stuffed their ears with moss, Moonbeam and Stardancer started giggling while they put the moss in, when the elves could not hear the fairies anymore they new it was working and were ready for the fairies to start calling the unicorns.

Moonbeam and Stardancer flew a little way into the forest and started to call the unicorns. No one knows what they said because the elves and Thoak could not hear them and to this day no one knows what to say to call a unicorn. The fairies continued to call and fly to different parts of the forest they spent the whole morning calling then returned to the others, who had been waiting patiently for them to come back.

The Fairies Calling the Unicorns

They all thanked the fairies who were now quite worn out from all the calling and flying about so they found a comfy spot to lay down and rest. After getting all the moss out of their ears which was a bit harder than they realised all that was left to do was wait for the unicorns to arrive. They waited and waited but the unicorns did not come. It would soon be night time so there was nothing else to do except camp for the night.

Everyone was very disappointed that the unicorns did not come to help them. Thoak was very upset that his plan had not worked, then Thoak said “ I’m sorry my friends” but before he could say anymore he had to stop himself from crying and just said “sorry” again and walked off into the forest so the others could not see how upset their leader was.

He returned some time latter to be met by young Herbs who said he thought it was a good plan and that no one blamed him for it not working. Thoak thanked him but still felt that he had let everyone down. It was now late and they needed to get some sleep ready to start the journey home again in the morning.

Thoak woke very early with an itchy chest, very itchy and he couldn’t stop scratching just where the unicorn’s horn had touched him. Stardancer was giggling as usual then she whispered to him “its the sign of the unicorns they must be close by”. With that he got up it was only just starting to get light, he looked around but could not see anything.

Thoak thought he could hear snorting so he continued to look and as he looked there in the first light of dawn he could see the unicorns. A very happy Thoak started to wake the others saying “wake up look the unicorns are here”. Everyone woke up to the most beautiful sight of not one not two but five magnificent unicorns standing in front of them.

The unicorns had heard about what happened to Mortrid the evil witch and wanted to help the courageous group of elves and human for the great service they had done for the forest and all the living things in it. They would let them ride them back to the elves encampment. This was unheard of no one had every ridden a unicorn before.

Everyone was very excited at the idea of riding a unicorn and a little bit scared as well because the unicorns were quite big and strong looking.

It was decided that two elves would go on each and Thoak would go on his own. The injured Cobwebs and Grubs could be held by Bramble and Nettle.

A Unicorn waiting to give the elves a ride

So Thoak lifted the elves onto the unicorns backs, being extra careful with Cobweb and Grubs who were held in place by Nettle and Bramble. Then Thoak climbed onto the biggest unicorn and they were ready, ready for the ride of a life time. The fairies decided that they didn’t want to fly all the way back and wanted to ride on the unicorns as well so one sat with Cobweb and one went with Grubs.

Then before they new what was happening they were off galloping through the forest at great speed faster than they could of ever imagined. And the ride was as smooth as could be not even a bump or a jolt. There was no need to hold on tight as the unicorns jumped over fallen trees and streams it was like floating on air, and it was all quiet except for the sound of the unicorns breathing their hooves did not make a sound.

On they galloped the magical ride getting faster and faster and the unicorns jumped higher and higher. Thoak started to laugh with joy and excitement and soon they were all cheering and laughing as on they went. It was hard to say how long they had been riding but before they knew it the encampment was getting close and the unicorns slowed down to a trot.

And on they trotted right into the elves encampment. No one could believe what they were seeing, five unicorns right here in the encampment and Thoak and the elves riding on them. After a few moments everyone started to cheer and dance about so happy to see their friends return and to see the unicorns close up looking more beautiful than anyone had imagined.

Soon some elves came over to help with Cobweb and Grubs they lifted them down gently and quickly took them to the High Priestess for healing. The others got off the unicorns and thanked them for their help. Then the unicorns walked a short way away tuned bowed their heads till their horns just touched the ground then turned lifted their front legs and galloped away and in less than a moment they were gone.

With the news that Mortrid was no more and Thoak had the jar of mist there was the greatest celebration in the history of the elves and fairies. Everyone wanted to know what happened and so the story was told. Everyone was in amazement and wonder as they told them what had happened, and how nearly it all ended in total disaster. The celebrations lasted all night with everyone dancing and singing songs about the unicorns, willow the wisps and Thoak and the brave band of elves.